Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Update

The holidays are here and it has been some time since I have posted an update. My schedule has been fairly hectic and I am now finally able to have some time to be able to catch up.

After a nice 4 day weekend in the mountains over Thanksgiving and being able to take a little time to go and do some shooting, I managed to come back with a few nice photos. I have posted a few of those shots on my web site (www.rodblakneyphotography.com), so stop by and take a look at those and some of my other recent additions.

Christmas is quickly approaching and I will be taking what will hopefully be the most exciting photography trip of the year this week.

Myself and a couple of other local photographers will be making our way from Denver to Spokane, Washington and then onto Idaho for a weekend of wildlife shooting. More specifically, the majestic and national bird of the United States, the American Bald Eagle. We will be joining some local and fellow photographers who have the honor to shoot the annual migration of these incredible birds every year. I have been waiting for this trip for several years now, and this year I am finally making it happen. I will also have the privilege of finally meeting in person and shooting with some of these wonderfully talented local photographers.

So stay tuned for some fantastic images as well as an updated blog entry about my trip.

Thanks for stopping by!